Review Sleek SuperNova

Hey my gorgeous ladies ,

Vremea asta buna ma binedispuneeee la shopping….asa ca mi-am luat noua paleta Sleek SuperNova ❤

This great whether gives me a good vibe and make me do some shopping….so I bought the new Sleek Palette – SuperNova ❤


Mie imi plac paletele de la Sleek…sunt foarte bune , au o intensitate a culorilor excelenta iar de pret nici nu va mai spun…..extra decent (45,47 Ron) pe sau in magazinele Kendra!

I really love the Sleek Palettes…they are very qualitative,the colors are so powerful and intense and I don’t have to say anything about the priceee…so small(10,06€) you can find it on or in Kendra Stores!


Aceasta paleta contine 12 farduri sidefate , foarte pigmentate dar in acelasi timp se blenduiesc foarte frumos…fara prea mare greutate.

The palette contains 12 shimmery eye-shadows, very pigmented but in the same time easy to blend.


Am ales aceasta paleta datorita nuantelor….m-au atras culorile acestei palete….sunt 4 nuante de mov….de la deschis la inchis…..3 nuante de bej sidefat (perfect pentru iluminat) si un auriu superb, o nuanta de verde si trei de albastru 🙂 Just gorgeous!

I chose it for this gorgeous shades….there are 4 purple shades…from light to dark, 3 pearl bej (great for highlights) and a golden one, a green one and 3 blue shades 🙂 Just gorgeous! 


Tips: Daca va doriti o intensitate si mai mare a culorilor folositi inainte o baza alba….un creion NYX Alb 🙂 si culorile vor avea o intensitate multtt mai mare 🙂

Tips: If you want a more intense shade you must use a white base…for example a NYX white pencil 🙂 so the colors will be more intense 🙂


Kissessss beauties! :*



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16 thoughts on “Review Sleek SuperNova

  1. I love the look of this palette! As it is one of their new releases lately, I was interested to see what it looked like! Also thanks for the great tip of putting a white base underneath eyeshadow! xx


  2. These colours are just gorgeous, so pretty :0 lovely post! I’m really enjoying reading through your blog x considering the types of things you blog about I think you might just like my blog too, if you get a chance why not take a peak?

    Thanks, can’t wait to see more from you


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